High-Efficiency Washing Machine Use, Maintenance and Repair

Hello Folks, let talk about HE (High Efficiency) washing machines a little bit. We receive a fair amount of service calls regarding HE washers with complaints from “a bad smell” to “error codes” to all kind of noises. Most people do not understand the extreme importance of using only HE products – such as detergents – in their HE washing machines.

Cutting regular detergent in ½ is not acceptable. There are different chemicals in regular detergents vs HE detergents. Using non HE products in your HE washing machine can cause a variety of problems costing in the hundreds of dollars to repair. It can cause seals, bearings and other components to go out. Parts in the HE machines are not made to hold up under the chemicals in non HE products. It’s simply not worth what you might save in detergent costs. It is also important not to use too much HE soap. Less is better in HE washers.

Cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis is a must. Your “use and care manual” explains how to do this very necessary procedure. We advise you run 1 load a week on the highest temperature setting to kill mold and mildew. You should leave the door open when not in use. This allows air flow to circulate inside the drum. Cleaning off the glass inside the door to keep soap and scum from building up will help prevent leaks at the door. There are products out there such as Affresh and Tide HE deodorizers and cleaners that you can use to keep you washer smelling fresh and clean.

If you do need your washing machine serviced or any of your household appliances serviced please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help! — Tom

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